Irina Aleksakova

Irina Aleksakova

Gydytoja ortodontė

Orthodontist (license No OPL -02053)


2009-2012: Orthodontics residency. Post graduate faculty of Riga Stradins University.

2005-2006: Primary orthodontics residency completed at Kaunas VŠĮ Dainavos Poliklinika (Dainava Outpatient Clinic).

2000-2005: Faculty of Odontology of Kaunas Medical Academy.


Work experience:

I. Aleksakova works in the Clinic since 2008.


Since 2006, she is a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber.


Articles and scientific works

Articles published within the period from 2005 to 2009 in the information publication for dentists STOMINFO:

Goldenhar Syndrome, hemifacial microsomia, oculo-auriculo-vertebral dysplasia ”

Bad habits of children

Pierre Robin Syndrome

Hepatitis in dentistry

Proper nutrition for children – an important method for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases

Treatment aspects of wedge-shaped defects

Areas of use of gum shields. Protective sport gum shields

Dental wedge defects.

Article on bruxism published in the medical journal Stomatologija (Stomatology): Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal, 2008.

The article: Wedge defects. Prevalence, origin, prevention and the importance of treatment among the population of Kaunas city in 2004, presented during the Students’ Scientific   Society (SMD) Conference, 2005.

Courses and lectures

27-28 May 2011. VIIth Congress of the Baltic Orthodontists Association, Kaunas, Lithuania.

7-8 March 2011. Angle Class II therapy and completion of treatment with SL brackets, Dr M. Cozzani. Kaunas, Lithuania.

19-20 November 2010. MBT treatment philosophy 2010, Dr H. Trevisid, Dr F. Bergstrand, Vilnius, Lithuania.

9 October 2010. The lecture Class II Treatment, Dr L. Alvetro, Riga, Latvia.

1 July 2010. The lecture “Periodontally accelerated orthodontic tooth movement”, S. Dibart, L. Montesano, E. Kesser. Riga, Latvia.

21 June 2010. The lecture “Passive self-ligation, low force, low friction orthodontics/ VectorTAS and Insignia introduction course“, Dr Alan Bagden, Dr Antonio Gracco, Vilnius, Lithuania.

9–10 April 2010. Lectures “Preparing for the RCS exam”, Riga, Latvia.

12 December 2009. Participation in the lecture “Gaining space – is there an alternative to extracting teeth?“, Dr B. Ludwig, Germany; Riga, Latvia. 1 December 2009. The seminar “New advances in the cleft lip and palate research”, Riga, Latvia. 27 November 2009. The seminar “Outline Multidisciplinary Treatment”, Riga, Latvia. 10 November 2009. The lecture “Functionally optimized production of dental prostheses using electronic registration systems ARCUSdigma and PROTAR articulator systems”, Prof Dr Med Ulrich Wegmann, Germany. 25–27 September 2009. 1-st Baltic Sea Conference in Orthognatic Surgery and Orthodontics, Vilnius, Lithuania. 10 April 2009. Training event “Professional ethics in the practise of dental practitioner, Prof Hab Dr Zita Liubarskienė. 9 March 2009. The lecture “GC News (V. Vilkinis), Dental equipment, X-ray machines, and various small appliances” (L. Bučelis). 20 November 2008. The seminar “Coronary restorations using glass fibre pins” (dr. E. Jarušaitis); “Glass fiber pins and characteristics of dental materials (dr. Ž. Sakalauskienė). 23-25 May 2008. International Dental Congress in Druskininkai. 18 April 2008. Lectures “Practical aspects of direct aesthetic restorations” (dr. P. Kalesinskas); “Variety of dental cements for prostheses and selection criteria” (dr. Ž. Sakalauskienė). 23 February 2008. Lectures “Infection control in dentistry”; “Features of cast prostheses by using for finishing IPS InLine and IPS InLine PoM ceramic”; “Dental trauma etiology, epidemiology, classification, diagnosis and treatment principles”; “Dental trauma complications, prevention and treatment.” 15 June 2007. The theoretical and practical seminar of Dr J. F. Thomsen (Denmark) “Peculiarities of aesthetic restorations. Glass fiber pins and restoration by dual-curing composites.”. 21-23 May 2007. Improvement training courses of dentist J. Ivanciute “Direct aesthetic restoration: Science, Art and Practice”, Vilnius, Lithuania. 24 March 2007. Scientific practical conference “First aid in dentistry: specialized emergency assistance.” 16 March 2007. The practical training of Dr Egle Kunčiuvienė “Aesthetic smile analysis. Aesthetic restoration of front teeth, Kaunas, Lithuania. 27 January 2007. The seminar “Practical work with endodontic instruments Protaper. Discussion of endodontic clinical cases and treatment methods. Doctor E. Nedzinskienė, Panevžys, Lithuania. 9 December 2006. Lectures: “Classification, diagnosis, differential diagnosis and principles of treatment of endo-periodic damage.” The most common mistakes of dentists in the treatment of endo-periodic damage”, “Rational use of antibacterial drugs”, “Issues of contact allergic dermatitis in dentistry”, “Main prevention methods of dental diseases”, “Zirconium and zirconium oxide-based restorations”, HeraCeram Zirkonia”. 25 November 2006. The lecture “Introduction to implantology and implants prosthetics,” Dr A. Puišys, Dr. T. Linkevičius, Dr S. Grybauskas, Panevėžys, Lithuania.

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