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The aim of dental prosthetics is to restore the defects of dentition, to retain very decayed teeth or to restore the dropped-out teeth by changing the shape, direction, and colour of teeth. Recent dental manufacturing technologies enable to produce in Clinics the high quality and aesthetic teeth, which are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, and perform high-quality restorations. UAB “Skaitmeninės odontologijos centras” offers a variety of dental prosthetics services. An individual solution is proposed for each patient and the most appropriate type of dental prosthesis is selected according to the patient’s needs and possibilities.

Fixed prostheses (metal-free ceramic restorations, crowns with partial ceramic trim, restorations of plastic/CAD/CAM, metal ceramic crowns, CEREC porcelain restorations, crowns of pressed ceramics E-max, Enamic) are fixed to the remaining teeth. They provide good aesthetic look and improve chewing efficiency.

Metal-ceramic crowns (prosthesis): a framework for metal-ceramic prosthesis is made of metal covered with a layer of porcelain matching the colour of teeth. This method of prosthetics has one drawback: the metal contained in the crown cast reflects the light so the dental prosthesis does not look natural as the all-ceramic crown. Also, a “black line” appears close to the gum’s line, around the metal ceramics crown, in this way emphasizing unnaturalness even more. For these reasons, metal-ceramic prosthesis is suitable for molar prosthetic. In this way, prosthetics of a single tooth and large gaps between teeth rows is possible.

Porcelain crowns: such prostheses are very aesthetic, durable and long lasting. They are permeable to light and are characterised by natural look. They are superior to metal-ceramic crowns because they do not cause allergies. Porcelain crowns are strongly recommended for several reasons: they are aesthetically and biologically compatible; metal edge is not visible, they bond well to the tooth tissue. This material is as transparent as natural tooth tissues and firm. The colour of all-ceramic restoration produced in the Clinic is very close to the patients natural tooth colour.

Removable partial and full removable dentures

Simple and soft plastic plates are the prostheses intended for patients who have lost several teeth in the upper or lower jaw, or for patients who have lost all teeth. The price of such dentures is relatively lower. Dentures have quite a good aesthetic look, but provide less comfort due to the lower stability. Plates are produced of flexible Deflex plastic in our Clinic. Deflex prostheses are light because are made of a very thin layer. In addition, they allow you to maintain good phonetics. Hooks are of the colour of the mucus lining therefore dentures are aesthetically pleasing. Complete dentures on toothless jaws are adhered to the oral mucosa. Various hooks support partial plates.

Dental clasps (bugel) are made by moulding and has a special structure. Bugel prosthesis with claps are used in the treatment of patients who can wear removable dentures, as well as for patients whose remaining teeth are healthy and strong and not damaged by periodontal diseases or tooth decay, in case of lost teeth and when prosthetics surgery is impossible even with bridge prostheses. This prosthesis is attached to the patient’s healthy teeth by the hook and lock system thanks to which the patient can talk and bite comfortably; and the prosthesis remains stable. Bugels not only ensure good oral aesthetics, but also enable the tongue to articulate sounds without interference. Compact, lightweight and aesthetic, removable bows are manufactured in our dental laboratory. No one will notice that you wear dentures. Arch implant prosthesis is a particularly good option when the patient does not have molars and there is no possibility of prosthetic implants.

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