Dental prosthesis prices

Procedure Price (EUR)
Cast inlay (Cr-Co) 70.00
Cast inlay (Cr-Co) (multi-rooted) 80.00
Cast inlay (Cr-Co) (removable) 90.00
Metal-free inlay 160.00
Cast inlay (Cr – Co) with ceramic coating 160.00
Zirconium inlay 175.00
Cast inlay (Cr – Co) with the coronal portion 130.00
Porcelain inlay, onlay, veneer 190.00
Cast inlay with a lock “Bredent vks – oc – nni” for future removable prosthesis 130.00
Cast metal crown (Cr – Co) 115.00
Metal-ceramic crown 220.00
Cast restoration in a bridge prosthesis 115.00
Plastic / CAD / CAM dental restoration 90.00
Metal-ceramic crown 205.00
Porcelain veneer 290.00
Metal-free ceramic restoration / with zirconium, aluminium frame / 245.00–340.00

(the price depends on the size of the prosthesis)

Milled, full-contour zirconia crown 205.00
Milled, full-contour zirconia restoration in the bridge prosthesis (the price depends on the size of the bridge) 205.00–335.00
CEREC porcelain restoration fabricated during one visit 290.00
E – max pressed ceramics or enamic crown, inlay, onlay, veneer 275.00
Tooth individualisation 85.00
Temporary plastic crown fabricated in the laboratory 40.00
Temporary plastic crown from rapidly hardening plastic 15.00
Individual spoon 30.00
Plate with a telescopic denture 1015.00
Base plate 210,00
A plate with one false tooth 3.00
Soft plastic dental plate 260.00–350.00
Full-arch prosthesis (the price of false teeth and hooks is not included) 580.00
Temporary plate with four implants 115.00
Plate adjustment 25.00–30.00
Pressed crown removal 10.00
Cast crown removal 20.00
Type IV plaster diagnostic models 30.00
Tooth waxing 20.00
Functional relaxing (miorelaxing) plastic from bruxism 230.00


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