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Dental root canal treatment
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Root canal treatment is the treatment the purpose of which is to destroy micro-organisms in the root canal system and to protect the tooth and the surrounding tissues from infection.

This treatment is needed when bacteria get into the root canal system (pulp) due to deep decay, tooth cracks or injury. Pulp is a soft tissue filling a tooth cavity, located under a layer of hard tissue of the tooth enamel and dentin. In case of injury of pulp, a tooth becomes lifeless because blood vessels and nerves are killed. If root canals are not treated, bacteria enters through the top of the root into the surrounding tissues and cause inflammation. Delays in canal treatment can lead to very serious complications, so you have to contact the dentist immediately. Pain is the main symptom showing the need to treat the root canals. The pain can be long-lasting, spasmodic, pulsating, and usually occurs in the evening or at night. The pain may provoke hot meal, or bite, and can hurt for no reason. There are cases where there are no symptoms. Then, only after examination and X-ray images, it is possible to determine whether the endodontic treatment is required. In our Clinic, before starting the root canal treatment, primarily a dental X-ray is taken, which allows assessing the condition of the root canals properly. The treatment of root canals usually takes several visits to your doctor and in the more complex cases – the treatment may take up to several months.

Stages of the root canal treatment:

• Mechanical and chemical cleaning of root canals by removing the pulp

• The apex locator measures working length of the canal. Canals are cleaned and shaped at the measured length by manual or automated endodontic instruments

• Canals are filled with the filling material gutta-percha at the last stage

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