Dental treatment prices

Procedure      Price (EUR)
Examination 6.00
Examination and conclusion of the written treatment plan 15.00
Filling of tooth cavity damaged by surface and secondary caries with:
Glass ionomer cement 25.00
Light curing composite 30.00–35.00
Filling of tooth cavity damaged by deep caries with:
Glass ionomer cement 30.00
Light curing composite 30.00–50.00
Devitalizing paste 10.00
Glass fibre post in single-rooted tooth 65.00
Ivoclar-Vivadent post 65.00
Glass fibre post in multi-rooted tooth 80.00
Ivclar-Vivadent pin/post 100.00
Aesthetic front teeth filling (1 tooth) 65.00–130.00
Preparation of root canals for filling:
Single-rooted 25.00
Double-rooted 40.00
Triple-rooted 40.00
Root canal filling with gutta-percha 10.00
Extra calcium hydroxide replacement 10.00
Temporary filling 10.00
Use of a cheek extender or rubber-dam 10.00
Fissure sealants 10.00
Removal of plaque and tartar from one tooth, polishing, and application of varnish 2.00
Tooth whitening from 65,00
Laser tooth whitening ( 1 jaw),

(1 tooth)



Application 3.00
Injection 6.00
Tooth extraction 20.00
Complicated tooth extraction 30.00
Placement of one haemostatic sponge (Alveogyl) into the alveolar bone 3.00
Radiogram 3.00
Panoramic radiogram 15.00
3D radiogram for Clinic’s patients 50.00
3D radiogram not for Clinic’s patients recorded on disc 60.00
Repeated 3D radiogram 20.00
Partial panoramic radiogram 10.00

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