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The periodontist is a specialist who treats gingival diseases. Generally, gingival diseases arise from poor oral hygiene what leads to dental plaque and dental calculus as well as from lack of saliva enzymes or nutrition peculiarities. The most common periodontal disease is periodontitis. Periodontitis is a progressive inflammatory disease of gums and surrounding tissues. This disease leads to bone loss and loosening of teeth. If periodontitis is not treated, the initial clinical signs progress into serious stages of periodontitis and finally may result in loss of the teeth. The primary solution to the problem is to apply to a periodontist who would provide timely surgical treatment of gums. The main risk of this disease is that the symptoms slowly and not painfully develop, thus, the patient may even not notice the disease for many years.

Main procedures carried out by the periodontist of Skaitmeninės odontologijos centras UAB include:

    • Gingivectomy is the procedure in the course of which gums affected by inflammation are removed;
    • Pulling out of an unerupted tooth is the procedure of removal of teeth that have developed, but have not erupted for different reasons. As a rule, unerupted teeth are third incisors and eight wisdom teeth. Unerupted teeth must be removed if: the unerupted tooth is affected by caries, pulpitis, periodontitis; often recurring inflammation of soft tissues surrounding the tooth; the unerupted tooth prevents eruption of permanent teeth;
    • Tooth root amputation;
    • Incision is cutting open of an abscess;
    • Tooth root apex resection is the procedure applicable to all teeth after unsuccessful root canal treatment where the root is equipped with a prosthetic appliance using a pin inlay and may split while removing. During the surgery a small cavity in a bone is made and the root apex is cut off.
    • Dental clinical crown extension is changing the contour of the bone that surrounds the tooth root and gums. Generally, the procedure is carried out before applying prostheses where dental crown extension is required;
  • Mobile teeth fixation with glass fibre
  • Patch surgery is the procedure in the course of which inflammatory gum stock and granularities are removed, gum and bone contour is formed by surgery;
  • Curettage is the procedure for scraping of periodontal pockets;
  • Subgingival concrement removal is removal of tartar that has formed in gingival crevices and pockets by an ultrasonic scaler.
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