Periodontology prices

Procedure Price (EUR)
Periodontal consultation and drawing up a treatment plan 20.00
Creating a periodontal chart 20.00
Treatment of gingival recession (one tooth) 90.00
Gingivectomy (one tooth) 30.00
Tooth extraction:
Tooth extraction 20.00
Complicated tooth extraction 30.00 – 45.00
Placement of one haemostatic sponge (Alveogyl) into the alveolar bone 3.0
Milk or loose teeth simple extraction 15.00
Surgical extraction of retinated tooth 90.00 – 145.00
Root amputation
Incision (1st procedure) 20.00
Surgical treatment of pericoronitis (1 tooth) 15.00
Root apex resection 90.00–145.00
Lengthening of the clinical tooth crown 50.00–60.00
Diagnostic surgery Ask a doctor
Tongue tie correction Ask a doctor
Lip tie correction Ask a doctor
Extraction of sharp and protruding edges of the alveolar ridge 20.00–60.00
Loose tooth splinting by glass fibre (1 tooth) 10.00
Patch surgery 90.00–100.00
Curettage 30.00–45.00
Removal of concretions under the gums (one tooth, one visit) 3.00
Laser gum correction 30.00

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