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VITA Easyshade

A need to identify the exact tooth colour appears as technology and cosmetic dentistry develops. Not only patients but also dentists require this because the human eye due to various reasons (e.g., lighting) cannot determine the colour accurately and the all-ceramic development provides an opportunity to produce dentures, which practically do not differ from natural teeth. In our Clinic, tooth colour is determined using the Easyshade machine. This is a small spectrophotometer. Its readings are stable and very accurate.

“Unlike the human eye, the Easyshade spectrophotometer determines the colour of the tooth objectively and describes it according to the 3D.Master colour palette. Accuracy of measurement does not depend on the lighting and other conditions, such as lipsticks and the like. The device is calibrated before every measurement. The main colour of the teeth is determined through examination of the patient. The colour can be set at one measurement or, seeking the accuracy, to carry out a series of measurements and automatically calculate the average. In addition, it is also possible to set the colour of a certain tooth space, such as the neck, the central portion and the tooth edge. For reasons of hygiene, a single protective film is put on the tip of the probe. This does not affect the accuracy of the result, because the machine is already calibrated with the protective sheath. The spectrophotometer determines the brightness and colour intensity (brightness, colour, shade) and provide results in accordance with the colour code of the 3D.Master colour system. The crown is produced in the laboratory according to the specific characteristics of the tooth colour. An operator can control the development of the primary colours by carrying out interim measurements, so upon selection of the main colour for the framework of the crown, it can be supplemented by the desired shade and avoid undesirable. Easyshade shows not only the colour code, but also graphically depicts the colour location in the 3D.Master colour system. Seeking the perfect aesthetic image, metal-free ceramic is recommended for the production of front crowns. In this case, excellent results are achieved when In.Ceram ALUMINA is used in the ceramic base. All-ceramic systems are well aligned and together with Easyshade allow restoring the tooth perfectly.”

According to the article of dentist Dr Andres Baltzer and first class dental technician Vanik Kaufmann Jinoian (Dental Tribune No.12 / 2004)

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